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The Day I Turned Seven

The day I turned seven I was very happy, because I started a new age. And now, I'm almost as tall as my sister when she turned 8, but I'm only 7! Her name is Sydnie. Today I hired her to be the person who advertises my business and passes out my business cards (the whole reason I started this business was to get those business cards!) when we go to breakfast at Bruegger's Bagels. But then I fired her because she wouldn't come to the mall to pass out more business cards when I went to Claire's. Look at the purse I found at Claire's but I didn't buy it because I bought rainbow fake nails instead.

Dog and cat unicorns - on a purse!

Having a business can sometimes be a lot of work because I have to go to school and practice piano and I had to do homework and then I have to sleep. In the morning I can't do it because I had to go to school and start it all over again. So I might only be able to sell things on the weekends because I have a lot of stuff to do. The End.

PS: Thank you Aunt Kristi for being my first customer!!!

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