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My name is Lexi and I started this company right before I turned 7, because for my birthday I wanted my own business cards. so my mom helped me make this website. I'm almost 8 years old now!  and I really love unicorns because they are pretty, magical and they are nice. I am going to be working with my family (which is my mom, my dad and my sister). I am going to sell pictures of unicorns and paintings that I make and other art that you can get on a t-shirt, a hat or a bag.Lots of people asked for stickers, so we have those now too. my sister and I negotiated a contract in the back seat of my grandpa's car and she made me sign it. she is my marketing director now. I have to mention her 4 times and pay her $42 for her help. this counts as one for sure. 

we will try to do a different animal as often as we can. if you have something you want us to make, you should ask me on the website or email me at I have a facebook page for my shop and sometimes I put things there when I'm not busy with school or watching Netflix or playing piano. I have a lot to do.

my mom says all this money has to go into a bank account to pay for my college and maybe a little for my birthday too. the end. love, Lexi Loo #lexiloo

Refund & Exchange

No refunds or exchanges, because I'm not even 7 yet. I can't give you money back.


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Charlotte, NC 28270

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Lexi's Unicorn Shop


I guarantee if you like unicorns, you'll like my stuff. but if you don't like unicorns, it is OK - it doesn't hurt my feelings. 

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