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Social Sunnies - Custom Order

Want something made just for you? Let us know what you want and we'll see if the team at Social Sunnies can do it! Select this item and add it your cart. When you check out, email with your requests. Don't send other messages here - just store orders. Our parents check this box and tell us what our orders are.


Ideas: Landsdowne Lions, Happy Birthday, Birthday Girl, Almost Married or any of the sunnies you see here with different colors or lens types. We can try to meet all of the requests you might have! 


Proceeds from each sale will be donated to a charity my sister and I choose. These glasses are hand made and the pair we ship to you may have some minor color or bead differences from what you see in this photo. Tik Tok, IG or selfie a pic of yourself in these and tag us at #socialsunnies so more people will hear about us! 

Social Sunnies - Custom Order

    Lexi's Unicorn Shop


    I guarantee if you like unicorns, you'll like my stuff. but if you don't like unicorns, it is OK - it doesn't hurt my feelings. 

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