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Lexi's Original Unicorn Ringer T-Shirt

This shirt is the original drawing of the introductory collection: Pegasus. Lexi drew this unicorn with the help of her sister, Sydnie, who is really helpful in Lexi's Unicorn Shop. She handles the money a litttle better than Lexi does. Get one now, before we run out! 


If you would like to customize your t-shirt, Lexi would be happy to have your unicorn enthusiast's name on her t-shirt design. If you have questions, email us at:

Lexi's Original Unicorn Ringer T-Shirt

    Lexi's Unicorn Shop


    I guarantee if you like unicorns, you'll like my stuff. but if you don't like unicorns, it is OK - it doesn't hurt my feelings. 

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